Making keys doesn’t sound like a simple task for some. The truth is that making keys is easy and quick, thanks to locksmiths.


Our technicians are highly skilled and professional, with more than 10 years of service in the industry. The team at Masters Locksmith is always ready to help you with any lock emergency you might have. 


Let us share with you how locksmiths make keys in Aventura

Making or Duplicating A Key Using A Machine

Locksmiths will make or duplicate a key with the help of a machine. They will copy a key using cutting techniques if they have the original key. The blank key sits on one side of the machine while the original sits on the other. The machine uses an alignment tool to shape the teeth on the blank key by using the original as a guide. 


Using a metal blade, the machine will cut into the blank key as both keys move horizontally and simultaneously in the machine. The original key is a template as it helps the machine cut the right shape into the blank key. 


Once the cutting finishes, the locksmith will remove the copy from the machine to sand it down. Sanding the key helps shape and finalize the key’s shape so it fits and works perfectly inside the lock. 

Making A Key By Making An Impression

Making an impression is another way our locksmiths help clients with their key requests. A key impression is one of the most popular and straightforward ways for professionals to make a copy of a key. Locksmiths will use a blank key that can enter the inside of the lock. Once the key is inside the lock and turns, pins will engage, pressing and leaving a marking on the key.


Locksmiths can use the markings on the key to cut the duplicate. These markings will act as an outline of where to correctly cut and shape the key’s teeth.

Making A Key Without Having The Original Key

Making a key will be much easier if the original or second key is available to replicate. Locksmiths can make a key without having the key, but it is much more difficult.


Locksmiths in Aventura will use code cutters to read the lock’s interior. These devices are essential for understanding what shape key will fit the lock. 


The code cutter will look at the depth and grooves of each tooth slot inside the lock. The locksmith will understand the key’s code and use the measurements to make a copy of the original key. 

Why Choose Aventura For Your Locksmith Purposes

Aventura is a trustworthy locksmith business deploying a professional team to serve its clients 24/7. Our mission is to provide clients and residents of Aventura with emergency roadside assistance. 


Whether you need a key copy, a new key made because the original was lost, or other lock purposes, we are here for you. Whenever you need a new key, we will be ready to help. Give us a call when you need an expert locksmith.

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