How Much for a Locksmith to Unlock Your Car?

There are few feelings worse than those when you realize you’ve locked yourself out of your car. Today’s cars can’t be unlocked with a coat hanger, and if you try, you might damage your car.


The best move is to call your local locksmith, whose services might be covered through your car insurance or roadside assistance plan. Even if you pay out of pocket, a locksmith’s services are essential to getting inside your car. But how much does it cost for a locksmith to unlock your car?

Locksmith Car Services Fees

Locksmith charges vary by business and the services provided. The cost of unlocking your car door is usually $75 to $150, but the cost goes up if you call the locksmith after 5 p.m. Unlocking your car could be $150 to $300 if you call after hours.


If you can’t find a spare key anywhere once your car is opened, you’ll need to get your car rekeyed. This can vary by the complexity of the job, ranging in cost from $50 to $300.

Other Locksmith Services

You may only think of calling the locksmith when it’s an emergency, but locksmiths also perform non-emergency services including these automotive jobs:


  • Replacing locks on a car door ($200 to $600)


  • Rekeying the ignition ($50 to $150)


  • A new keypad on the car door (up to $400)


  • New keys ($5 to $10 each)


  • A smart key replacement that can often be done for less than what car dealers charge

Factors Affecting Locksmith Fees

You may wonder why locksmiths’ charges vary so widely. The answer is that services vary in distance, complexity, and hour of the day or night. These factors affect the price you will pay.

Emergency Service

No one schedules an emergency. The charges you pay for emergency locksmith services will be more than the scheduled work.

After Hours

If you call a locksmith to unlock your car at midnight, the charges will be higher than during regular business hours.

Distance the Locksmith Travels

The closer you are to the locksmith, the lower the travel charges will be. How far the locksmith travels to where your car is parked will influence the price of the locksmith services you need.

The Complexity of the Job

Car doors aren’t always simple to unlock. Today’s locksmiths are professionals in the latest security technology. They can handle complex vehicle locks, but you may pay more for jobs that call for more time or training.

Call the Miami Lock Experts

If you’re locked out of your car in the Miami, FL, area, you need a locksmith immediately. Call Masters Locksmith for around-the-clock locksmith services. We’ll dispatch an expert locksmith to your location for quick, reliable, and effective service.


Our professional locksmith services are as affordably priced as they are fast. Whether it’s an emergency, planned work on the locks and ignition of your vehicle, or simply making a spare vehicle key, we’ll provide prompt and efficient service.

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