Whether it’s because the key is old and weakened or the lock is clogged, breaking your key off in the lock happens to many people. Don’t worry; Masters Locksmith has a broken key extractor kit that can quickly remove the key so you can lock the door properly.

What Is a Broken Key Extractor?

A broken key extractor is a tool or set of devices that allows a Masters Locksmith technician to safely extract the broken piece of the key without damaging the door. Our field-tested kit has tools for any type of lock, and our experienced locksmiths can offer this service anywhere in Surfside 24/7. 

What is in a Surfside Locksmith’s Lock Tools?

Our locksmiths have a variety of tools aside from the broken key extractor that allows them to help you get back into your home safely and without damaging the door, including: 


Masters Locksmith Confidence

At Masters Locksmith in Surfside, we have the tools and experience to handle any emergency or locksmith-related problem you may have. Our locksmiths arrive on the scene with a suitable kit to gain access and help you secure your home after we leave. 

Emergency Locksmith with Broken Key Extractor Services in Surfside

We understand that no one expects to have a locksmithing emergency. It’s never convenient to be locked out of your house, but we’re there when you need us. Masters Locksmith pride themselves on minimizing wait times and offering professional and understanding service no matter the time of day. 


Masters Locksmith in Surfside has 24/7 commercial, residential, and automobile service. No matter where a key breaks, we can help you clear it.


We also offer the following:


Reasons to Call for a Broken Key Extractor 

Whether it’s because of weather, a jammed lock, or an old key weakening, there are plenty of reasons for anyone to call us for a broken key extractor. 


With a piece of a key jammed in a lock, it becomes impossible to unlock the door, whether it’s the front door of your home or your car door. It’s advisable not to try to remove it yourself. Removing the key without proper tools can damage the lock and worsen the problem. 


Call Masters Locksmith in Surfside, and our professional and ethical technicians can remove the broken key even if you have to leave to get on with your day. Rest assured, once the job is complete, we can lock up. We’re also insured, so if anything goes wrong, we’ve got you covered.

Wait No Longer – Call for a Broken Key Extractor Locksmith in Surfside

Our locksmiths have everything they need to extract a broken key or replace the lock entirely. Call our mobile locksmithing service if you find yourself holding half a key. They can be on-site and ready to help you when a locksmithing emergency arises.

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