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Have you misplaced your car keys? Are you thinking about upgrading your outdated house locks for a more advanced system?  Do you need keys cut for newly hired employees? Have you gotten locked out of your home or business? Whatever the case may be, if you’re in need of a Lauderdane Lakes Locksmith , we’re here to help!

Masters Locksmith has been meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our clients throughout the Lauderdane Lakes area for more than 10 years. We employ a team of professionally trained and certified technicians who have vast experience in the most advanced security features and systems. We use cutting-edge technologies and the highest quality products from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. From emergency car lockouts to the installation of high-tech systems, no job is too big or too small for our locksmiths to handle. We can handle the most complex tasks with ease and always offer the best solutions possible.

Need an all in one locksmith company Aventura FL for your locksmith needs? Hire one today with us as we Master Locksmith Inc is a professional locksmith company that will be able to help you in each possible locksmith emergency situation of yours. Our professionals are trained and experienced to help you in the best possible way.

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Services offered by us:

Different types of services offered by our professional locksmith Aventura FL are:

Residential Locksmith

  • High-security locks and security doors
  • Access control systems
  • Master key systems
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Emergency lockout service

Commercial locksmith

  • Re-keying the entire home
  • Patio door lock
  • High-security lock
  • Smartphone locks
  • Keyless entry

Car locksmith

  • Car keys stuck in the ignition
  • Emergency car lockout services 24/7 in Miami
  • Key Cutting
  • Keys stuck in car door or bonnet
  • Car Key cutting

The following are some of our services which you can choose.

Benefits of hiring our services:

Following are some reasons to hire professionals locksmith company Aventura FL for your locksmith needs:

We got Skills: Our professional locksmith company Aventura FL is trained professionals who know what to do. Locksmith has become a skilled job; necessary training is needed to handle modern electronic lock systems. When you hire our professional Master Locksmith Inc services then you are sure that they are skilled and exactly know to handle any locksmith task of yours.

Equipment:  Our locksmith company Aventura FL is well equipped to handle any situation with minimum or no damage to you. When we handle any situation then we make sure there is minimum damage to the lock and the problem is also solved as soon as possible. Hire our well-equipped professionals today.

Necessary Experience: Experience is a major benefit of hiring professionals in any field. Experience gives you that advantage which enables you to increase the ability of you to handle any task no matter which. It enables you to solve any problem or any issue which you have not faced before. Thus hire our locksmith 33180 for hiring a professional who can help you in the best way to help you in any of your locksmith problems.

Reliable: Our licensed professional locksmith are reliable professionals who know their job. They are discipline and ensure your safety first. You can always trust them as they are licensed and trained in handling customers, especially those who are panicked and are in trouble. Choose our professional Locksmith company Aventura FL today to experience their services today.

What are some cases in which you can consider a professional locksmith service?

Following are some situations in which you can require professional locksmith services for you:


If you ever experienced a theft or a thief entered tries to enter your property, then it means your house is totally not safe and requires our professional locksmith company Aventura FL advice to enhance your security.

Shifting to a new home

You might not feel that you need to change the locks when you move home, but how well do you know your new neighborhood? It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so discuss your options with our locksmith professionals and they’ll help you and come up with a solution that makes you feel safe and comfortable in your new location.

Lost your keys

The most common reason for calling a professional locksmith Aventura for most people is that they lost their key. Today’s lock is made of modern technology they need perfect equipment for them to make their duplicate or repair them accordingly. Professional locksmith professionals are properly equipped and trained to open such locks and make their duplicate accordingly.

Locksmith Company Aventura FL

Your trust is important

We understand it’s really hard for anyone to handle their security to anyone unknown. But Masters Locksmith INC has always provided the best locksmith services in Aventura. Your security is always our first priority and your trust is what we work for.

Nathan Walsh
Nathan Walsh
02:57 08 Jul 21
Good job making my key no problem with that and a good price for it. Friendly guy doing it actually liked going into the shop. Will use them again for other keys.
Beverly rooks
Beverly rooks
18:28 30 Jun 21
Great locksmiths here! Love it. I locked myself out of my car and the first company I called did not show up and then stopped responding to my calls after 8 hours, so I just canceled. I then called Master Locksmith and they sent out someone within 20 minutes to unlock my car. It was so fast and the locksmith they sent totally knew what he was doing. My door was unlocked within two minutes. Price was great even with the nice tip I gave the locksmith for being out there so quickly. I highly recommend going with them if you ever lock yourself out.
Claudina Campball
Claudina Campball
15:12 19 Jun 21
So, I locked myself out of my car last week. I don’t have AAA or any warranty so I had to find my own locksmith. Found these guys and wow, it was great. Locksmith showed up fast and quickly opened my car for me. Cost was not that bad either.
Alfred Bernard
Alfred Bernard
21:36 02 Jun 21
I appreciate the service I got. Locked myself out of my car in the rain and someone was out in 15 minutes to come unlock my door. Friendly technician too and he did a great job. Highly recommend using them if you ever lock yourself out of your car in the rain.
Ivaan Eloise
Ivaan Eloise
19:47 19 May 21
My wife always locks here keys in her car, so we are always calling Master Locksmith to come unlock the car for her. I must say the service is always great, they’re punctual, professional, and they never damage the car when unlocking it. We are both very happy with them every time we need them to unlock her car.
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4 Tips Before Calling A Locksmith

Sometimes we tend to take the most important things in life for granted; your home security is perhaps the most important thing keeping you, your family and your most valuable possessions safe! So when you’re looking for a residential locksmith service here are some valuable tips:

Ask For Estimation

You don’t want anyone taking advantage of your soft spots and over sell you with an upgrade you don’t really need. Ask for a price estimation Before your locksmith arrives and get a few offers before inviting them over.

Check Proficiency

Ask your locksmith a few questions: Is he a certified locks installer ? Does he have an actual address? What range of security products he’s currently working with? Can he offer full warranty for his services?


your local locksmith is obligated to work with integrity cause most of his clients are your neighbors and will probably need additional services in the future. So his prices must be accurate and his service flawless or else…

Go Local

Your local Miami’s locksmith knows the area inside and out, his everyday job is to solve emergencies in the neighborhood so he can spot right away where you’re security tends to leave an unsafe soft spot.

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