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After more than a decade, we’ve grown, we’ve expanded, we design multi-functional security systems and smart locks for massive sites and various constructions around Miami, but we remain solid in our committed to every client, big and small alike!

Locksmith in Coral Gables, Miami

Industry-Accredited Security Solutions At Masters Locksmith, we offer industry-accredited commercial locks and security services, including electronic access control options. Immediate Response Across the Miami Area

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Locksmith in Edgewater

We offer an industry-accredited commercial locks and security services with electronic access control option. We are also committed in providing an immediate response to all

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With each product we sell and service, we offer you can rest assure we’ve done our due diligence and tested the market for the strongest brands available, at the best prices you can find, and we install all locks and security systems (including cameras and safes) according to the manufactures guidance!