We Get A Lot Of Questions, Regarding Locks & Security, So we decided to answer all of them in an orderly fashion

Most frequent questions and answers

Our services are performed by the highest standard of security and with the best brands available in the market today. Our locksmiths are tough, reliable and most important- are all certified professional with full warranty for the work they provide!

When your business is on the rise you do two things – hire employees, move into a space that could fit them – meaning, a bigger one.

Two security hazards you now have to watch for.

We’re not here to frightened and startle anybody – just to keep you aware and on top of things. When your business is growing you should have a security budget / limited restriction areas and security cameras transmitting to your cell / one of your trusted executives. To learn more about business security budget you can check out our locksmith blog right here.

Master locksmith in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida offers guidance and locks for all floating assets. It’s one of the many services we offer Sunny Isles Beach residents as we know being the leading local locksmith Sunny Isles Beach has to offer is a serious commitment! And we’re never going to let you down!

We offer a variety of locksmith services for boats and floating vehicles:

  • Boats lock repair
  • New keys on the spot without the original
  • Extraction of keys (stuck/broken inside ignition)
  • Ignition key installation
  • Lock-picking & replacement service
  • New locks for any boat – purchase and installation
  • Jammed boat keys – 24/7 services

The most important thing when purchasing a safe is being aware of its warranty; If you find a good safe in a remote location / abroad and you want to purchase it, don’t stop yourself, just be aware that with any problems down the line you have to call a certified locksmith that knows his way around safes to help out. That’s one service you get fee free during the first two years for any safe you purchase with Master locksmith. By the way, a lot of business owners use their safe as a chance to trap a burglar; you locate the safe at plain sight and use it as a decoy, a burglar will immediately take notice and heads there, while your security is working and the real safe is out of sight.

How many times did you have to ask a friend / neighbor / family member to come check out your house while you’re away?

How many times did you lose sleep because you were worried about your business when you’re away?

Do you feel your house is too big for your family and you don’t really see all of it daily?

Do you feel like you need to gain remote control on your property?

These questions are here to help you figure out the right move for you-

here at Master locksmith we’re big believers in customized security for each property’s specific security requirements, so we don’t recommend security cameras for just anyone. But in case you’re wondering you’re more than welcome to call us or visit our local locksmith store for further info.

Sure thing! Whether it’s your car keys / commercial property / residential property any certified professional locksmith could make a spare key without the original.

Here at Master locksmith we offer this service 24/7, and many more. If you have any hesitation call us now and ask our team for further guidance.

When moving to a new home / business.

When upscaling on workers and staff.

When your neighborhood is changing its nature.

When you’ve had a few security breaches.

When you’re unable to physically be there and watch out.

You head to your local locksmith (Master locksmith in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida if you’re lucky) and ask for a security audit.

Now here’s a few tips: your chosen locksmith could only test and check what they know, their supply. So, for instance, if you want to check out the security status on a big property – don’t do it with a locksmith that doesn’t offer security cameras, as they won’t be able to offer the right service for your current security requirements. The best way is simply to choose a certified locksmith service that had experience with properties similar to yours.

When you’re working with a certified professional, like Master locksmith for example, you really don’t have to worry; just like a lawyer or a doctor are obligated to professionals’ ethics – so does your locksmith.

Once certified we’re obligated to never use any key / lock / access for personal use. We’re completely insured- so if anything might happen to your door / property, insurance covers it (only when you hire a certified locksmith).

Antique locks are highly reliable and are considered to be effective throughout time; today most manufactures’ take into consideration that a locks (or any security gadget, for that end) will remain strong and solid for 5, maybe 7 years until its replaced anyway, old locks were manufactured with a different ideology; they are built to stand the test of time and so they mostly do. However, they require a yearly maintenance routine to make sure one loose part won’t damage the whole lock function etc. to learn more about antique locks DIY maintenance.

Digital locks are safe, reliable, easily managed (including remote controlled).

The way of the future is completely digital as it’s the best way to manage changing tenants / changing employees / restricted entry.

When moving to a new house / property of any kind, we highly recommend you check out the wide range of digital security options at your disposal. Of course when your business is expanding digital security might be your best friend (security wise…).

I’m locked outside of my house / car- what’s the quickest solution?First thing is first – don’t panic!

No we’re not here for motivational speaking but still we highly recommend you remain calm and try to salvage the situation, one thing you can be sure of-anger and aggression won’t open the locks but in most cases might cause damages to your door / property;

If you know where your key is (inside the house / car / left it somewhere) all you got to do is ‘break-in’. you could do it using a plastic card and try to maneuver around the lock or you can try a few other DIY tricks.

If you don’t know where your key is- call a locksmith right away! You need to change the locks as your key might end up in the wrong hands.

We Work With All Businesses

Each business is different in terms of security. In some places workers are trusted with all keys and codes. We know Miami’s range of SMB’s and large businesses and more importantly – we can advise you regarding your in-house security preferences – let our experience save you time and money.

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Hospitals & Health Care

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Apartment Complexes

Public Buildings

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Good Times For Upgrading

If it’s not broken- why fix it? Business is all about elevation; like it or not the world is moving forwards and just like you upgrade your products, services, computerized technology you need to make sure your security is updated, at least twice a year. Don’t forget your employees are changing, the cleaning and maintenance team is constantly changing- many people who have accesses to your business and an occasional update will keep it safer. Contact us now for 24/7 emergency services or schedule a consultation to discuss your security requirements.