Locksmith in Brickell, Miami

Industry-Accredited Security Solutions

We offer industry-accredited commercial locks and security services, including electronic access control options.

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Our Locksmith in Brickell, Miami

Our commitment extends to providing an immediate response to all phone calls regarding residential locksmith services across the entire Miami area and other suburbs within a 15km radius of the city.


Masters Locksmith’s Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible security and locksmith service. We aim to achieve this by establishing ourselves as a professional organization that employs modern and innovative security technology tailored to meet our client base’s needs and expectations.

Our Locksmith Services in Brickell, Miami


Residential Locksmith Services

  • Lock Out / Let in: Lost your keys? We can help you regain access to your home and provide new keys.
  • Change Locks: Whether you’ve lost your keys, experienced an eviction, or need to repair locks after a break-in, we can re-key your locks.
  • Replace Faulty or Damaged Locks: We’ll come to your home and repair or replace any existing faulty locks.
  • Fit New Locks: We can install deadlocks and window locks in new and existing homes.

Your Security is Our Priority

Your home security is our top priority. When searching for a locksmith in Brickell, Miami, it’s essential to trust them with your safety. Our Brickell Miami locksmiths are trained, licensed professionals dedicated to assisting when you need it most.

We are committed to offering immediate responses for all residential and commercial lockouts throughout Brickell, Miami.

Commercial Locksmithcommercial locksmith Services

  • Advanced Security Solutions: We provide cutting-edge commercial lock and security solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Electronic Access Control: Our electronic access control options offer advanced security for businesses of all sizes.
  • Master Key Systems: We offer expertly designed master key systems for enhanced security and access control.

Emergency Locksmith Assistance

  • 24/7 Availability: We’re here for you around the clock. Contact us anytime you need emergency locksmith services.
  • Swift Lockout Solutions: Whether it’s your home, office, or vehicle, we can swiftly resolve lockout situations.

Automotive Locksmith ServicesAn automobile locksmith at work

  • Car Key Replacement: Lost your car keys? Our skilled locksmiths can provide you with new ones.
  • Ignition Repair and Replacement: Experiencing ignition issues? We can repair or replace it, ensuring your vehicle starts smoothly.

Trusted Professionals

Our Brickell Miami locksmiths are not only highly trained but also licensed professionals. You can trust them with your security and peace of mind.

Serving the Brickell, Miami Community

We take pride in being a trusted locksmith service in Brickell, Miami. Our commitment is to the safety and security of our community.

Contact us today for all your locksmith needs in Brickell, Miami, and surrounding areas. 

Call us today at 786-373-5713 to find out more.


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