How Long Does a Locksmith Take?

When you can’t get into your home or car, every second feels like forever. You need help from a professional locksmith fast when it’s an emergency, but how long does a locksmith take?


Answering that question depends on multiple variables, ranging from how far the locksmith must travel to the work involved. The factors affecting the time a locksmith takes include:


Usually, a locksmith will take about 15 to 30 minutes to reach your home or car, but inclement weather or traffic could increase your waiting time. Keep in mind that you won’t have that waiting time if you’ve scheduled non-emergency work.


The time a locksmith takes will depend on the work requested. Every job is different, but generally, the time a locksmith takes is within this range:

Unlocking a Front Door

Usually, a locksmith will take about 10 minutes or less to unlock your front door. However, a worn lock could take as long as 45 minutes.

Unlocking a Car Door

When you’re locked out of your car, with your belongings inside and no way to reach them, it’s an emergency. You’ll be happy to know that most of the time, a locksmith will only take about 10 minutes to open your car door. The security systems in your vehicle can affect the time a locksmith needs to unlock your car door.

Rekeying a Home

Rekeying a home takes longer than just unlocking the front door. Rekeying requires installing a new locking system throughout the home. Each lock will take as long as 40 minutes to rekey, so calculating the time a locksmith will take depends on how many locks are being rekeyed.

Duplicating a Key

Having spare keys to give to family members or to keep in another spot in case you lock yourself out will prevent calling the locksmith if you lock yourself out of your house or car. Duplicating keys only takes a few minutes.

Condition of the Locking System

An essential factor in how long a locksmith will take is the condition of the locking system. When the lock itself is damaged, the locksmith may not be able to unlock the door. The entire lock may have to be removed so you can get inside your property.

Call the Miami Lock Experts

While you’ll want to get into your house or car again as quickly as possible, it’s important to have patience. Most of the time, a skilled locksmith can get your car door or front door unlocked quickly, there may be times a locksmith will need more time to finish the job.


When you want fast, professional locksmith services in the Miami, FL, area, contact Masters Locksmith. Our trained technicians will be dispatched to your location quickly, and they’ll get to work immediately to unlock your car or home.


Few things are as frustrating and frightening as being locked out of your home or vehicle, but Masters Locksmith can handle your locksmith emergency promptly and efficiently.

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